The problem with a free range chicken….

Is she lays eggs wherever she deems the perfect spot. I wondered why I was seeing nothing in the coop for days. I thought maybe she needed to get used to the Love Shack. Chickens are fickle, it doesn’t take much to throw them off their schedule.

By accident I found this under a ladder near the back porch hidden behind something.

If I don’t know when an egg was laid, I don’t keep it so out they all went. I kept an eye on her the next day after finding this and she laid in the coop!

Drawback is she laid in the coop on the wrong side. Meaning she laid her egg under the roost which is where chickens poop when they sleep.

Now when I designed the Love Shack I had a trap door on the side put in so that I could reach in and get the egg. Of course, this was on the clean, poop free side which was not where she was laying eggs.

I made her a new nest out of the straw in the coop and placed 2 fake eggs (yes, they really are a thing) in the new nest and it worked! She has laid her little cream-colored egg in this nest every day since.

You go Lavendar!

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