The nest box is a busy place

As you know Nancy is laying eggs in the coop…..or she was. Yesterday she laid in her makeshift nest in the coop while one of the reds laid her brown egg in the nest box.

This morning I checked the nest box and found yesterdays egg from Nancy and also a nice brown egg from one of the reds still warm from the process. I checked the nest box again after noon today for some reason that I still don’t know. When I checked it I saw another brown egg and Nancy’s signature white egg both in the same nest IN the nest box.

I guess Nancy just needed someone to show her the ropes. She had the egg part down just not the correct location.

So now two of our reds are laying (one more to go) which is awesome although Nancy is still in the lead.

I always thought chickens laid their eggs in the early mornings. I guess we have some that needed to wait until their coffee kicked in.

The girls always squawk before they lay their eggs and the other girls jump in as well. To quote a friend ‘I never figured out if they were squawking in encouragement or sympathy’. I love eggs but I always feel bad for the chickens too.