The Henitentiary Is Open For Business

All 11 of the candy bar bunch are settled into the Henitentiary. Our goal here is to have a little fun with the theme. I bought them all saddles with their names on them. The lady on Etsy I order from did an amazing job and even did the fonts like their namesake logos.

Love them. But the kids haven’t grown into them yet and when I have tried them on one or two they are NOT happy about them. They will get used to them I have no worries about that.

We also have been patiently (or not so in my case) waiting for our workshop to be delivered. Well it came a few days ago and we put in the electricity to it.

It is a mere 12′ x 32′ and although it looks and sounds huge once we get our table saw, planer table, tool boxes, etc it will get small…….fast.

But super happy it’s here. We managed to get the planer table, one toolbox and my new table saw in before it rained. So tomorrow we will try and get the rest of the large things moved.

Once that happens I’ll have so much room in my garage I might even be able to, oh I don’t know, park my car in it.

How novel will that be?

Stay tuned.

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