The grass is not always greener….

At least in our chicken run. I started out with beautiful grass. I bought special seed of grasses that chickens eat. It was nice and lush.

And then the chickens went outside…. Pecked, dug and trampled it to nothing but mud.

Sigh, chickens do what chickens do.

So not long ago I decided to throw down some grass seed (regular grass) while it was muddy and rain being predicted. On top of that I threw a bundle of ‘seed starter straw’. It’s supposed to weigh it down so it won’t blow away and it keeps birds from eating your seed.


Double HA!

Chickens do what chickens do. They saw seed and they scratched, pecked, dug, kicked and got them a good belly full of grass seed.


Today I could stand it no longer and threw down more seed and got 2 bales of compressed straw. Once you cut the binding on that step back fast. I laid it on thick hoping it would help with the previously mentioned scratching, pecking, kicking and digging.

Nope they couldn’t even have the common courtesy to wait until I was out of the run before they stated scratching, and eating. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

Did I mention they could be jerks?

I did get even though (I’ll show them) and put the sprinkler on it for awhile. Not that it really helped because once I was done they went right back to scratching, pecking, digging and eating.

I’m just hoping that eventually some grass will grow. Then I can keep overseeding it and hopfully that will help.

I’m shaking my head as I sit here. I know better but it sounds good and I’m trying to keep a ‘can do attitude’.

They are rent payers now not just free-loaders but still. Have a little pride in your run girls.


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