Our Dream Becomes Our Reality

Jerry and I have always talked about moving to the country. Well we always said “someday” and one day a property popped up that was a ‘must see’ for us. 

We drove and hour and a half to small town northern Tennessee and fell in love with 10 acres with so much potential.

The house was livable but not loveable. The people who used to live here had at least 13 dogs from what the neighbors have told us. And the smell inside was a funk that would NOT go away.

So Jerry and I started to add on a master bedroom and bath to the house and soon we got 2 brothers we have known for years to help us out. The four of us cut, nailed, cursed and bled in one way or another but together we made this house into our perfect home.

Nothing in this house is cookie cutter pre-made construction. Everything is made as we wanted it made and where we want it to be. Drawers where they make sense, pocket doors to save space, etc.

We tore the home down to the studs because of the aforementioned 13 dogs it was a must. We thought we could save the floors but with the funky vinyl laminate they had down who wanted to 😀

We purchased the property in September and really got started on construction in October. Jerry promised I would be in my new home by Christmas and I was. It was wonderful. Yes we still had some little things here and there to finish but it was more than livable.

Since we moved in we sold our old home in Knoxville (good riddance right?) and began to plot and plan our farm.

We are certainly newbies to this whole thing but everyone has to start somewhere.

Check back to see what our next project will be

Before remodel

After remodel

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