Little Peep Peeps

As you know we got a bug up our butt to hatch some eggs. What’s 4 chickens when you can have 11 more right? Well one of our original chickens (now renamed Momma) decided to sit on some eggs.

Well Momma has sat on eggs before but she always gave up after a few days instead of the 21 days it takes to hatch an egg. So when I saw her sitting on a clutch of eggs (not all her eggs by the way) I didn’t even really give it another thought. I knew she was on and off the nest but let her be.

Imagine my surprise when on July 27th I went to the nest box to get eggs. Low and behold there was Momma and a few little faces looking out from under her!

This was super cool. Now I worried if she would hurt the babies, or would any of the other hens? And then there is Speckles the jerk to worry about. I had read horror stories and recently on my Instagram heard about new mother hens killing their babies. Do I take them out or leave them?

Well I decided to let nature take its course and see how Momma was with the babies.

WOW! It turned out she is a SUPER good mom to these babies. They all stayed in the coop for about a week or so before Momma brought them out to the run.

Meet the peepers!

Basil, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Lavender, Paprika, Oregano (two are hiding under Momma)

She has been an exceptional mom to these babies and I couldn’t be prouder. We did have one issue with Speckles. I was in the run and Speckles stepped on Lavendar! It was bad. Momma tried to get her to stand up and she wouldn’t and of course we all know in nature survival of the fittest right?

Well I picked her up thinking she was going to die. I brought her in the house and kept her warm and covered. I gave her water with a syringe and let her rest on my desk as I worked. After awhile I was outside (taking her with me of course) and she heard Momma and started peeping really loud. Momma came running the the fence and I knew the best place for her was with her mom but I wasn’t sure if Lavendar would be accepted back. I went in the run and put her down. Lavendar ran to Momma and although she had to be sore and was holding up a leg she was accepted back 100%. I noted later that she was trying to keep up with the others and when they stopped for something Lavendar laid down in stead of standing. But whatever her issue was she got better and now she zips and zags around the run with all the others.

That’s a win for Lavendar.

Lavendar recovering in my office

They are so much fun to watch

We have decided that these seven peppers will stay with the original group of chickens. In a few weeks Momma will forget that they are her babies (technically they are all of their babies seeing as Momma stole the eggs) and she will walk away from them.

I know that day is coming but it will be sad. She is so good at being a mom it really is a pleasure to watch her with them.

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