Getting the ducks back in the Quack Shack…

Getting the ducks to go into the water was a piece of cake. Getting them back in the Quack Shack is another story.

I went over and they were all lounging on the bank of the pond. Ok I had quack crack (peas) so I was good to go…..or so I thought.

I walked past them and they started to follow behind me. “This is going to be a breeze” the dumb side of my brain mumbled.

I dropped peas on the path behind me like I was Hansel and Gretel dropping bread crumbs.

“Too easy” that smart part of my brain kept saying. “This is going too easy”.

Sure enough the smart side won out. I got to the Quack Shack, opened the door and they all walked right on past it.

“Ok I can still do this” the dumb and smart side kept chanting.

I got a stick and guided them back to the Quack Shack and they just kept on walking.


So I went after them. I ducked (no pun intended), I ran, I separated them from each other, I went down the bank and back up again. Thank goodness there is no video of this although I’m sure it would be hillarious.

Eventually I caught one and I put her in the Shack thinking the others would come and ‘save’ her.

Nope. She was on her own. Guess it’s times like these that you learn who your (fine feathered) friends are.

After longer than I had hoped, I caught one after the other and gently put them in the Quack Shack and gave them peas although I don’t know why. They certainly didn’t deserve them but I guess we know they have me completely trained.

Wow, that was quite an adventure that I didn’t look forward to repeating. I came to the house and immediately starting googling it and checking out YouTube.

Everyone says (I never know who ‘everyone’ is) that it can be done. I talked to a friend here in TN who has oodles of ducks, chickens, geese, etc. She said it can be done and just takes perserverance. Easier said than done. She also told me no treats for the ducks till they come in at night.

Ok I can do that. Well Friday I decided they needed a time out (I’ll show them) so I left them in the Quack Shack.

Today I let them out and they wandered the banks eating bugs and venturing out into the water splashing and having a grand old time. When I let them out I went back and forth on if I should leave the door open or closed. I decided on closed so they would be hungry come evening.

Sure enough my husband and I went over with a container of peas in hand. He saw the tail end (I seem to be full of puns today) of my earlier adventure and said he would help me today.

We went into the gate and there they all sat right by the Quack Shack door. “It can’t be that easy” my brain screamed. I went over and of course they all moved to the other side of the Quack Shack while I opened the door. I walked around toward them and they all walked right into the open coop door and immediately went to the feeding station. I let the few who were in line for the buffet dip their beaks into the container of peas and praised them for a job well done.

SO, now we know the secret. Keep their food behind closed doors while they are out. They will come back in the evening hungry as a bear and ready for a good nights sleep.

Thank goodness it all worked out. Stay tuned to see if it was a fluke or if we really are on to something.

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  1. Loved the video of ducks first time in pond. You have quite a menagerie there, fun but lots of work, too. Claudia

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