Gardens……it’s a must

Ok my grandmother had green thumbs. Me? I do ok but I’m nowhere near her in plants. But we had this space inside the loop we made on the driveway that was bleak and empty. A tiller, and fresh dirt and I was on the run with it.

Originally I was going to make a paw print (what a shocker huh?) design but I knew that unless you were inside a drone or Navy SEALs dropping out of a helicopter above our property you wouldn’t see it.

So I went with our last initial instead. An ‘S’ is perfect, you see it coming in and going out. So a lot of tamping and woodchips later and I had my ‘S’ and I planted around it.

I pretty happy with the way it turned out. I hope the SEALs like it too 😉


Food gardens….Well I wasn’t so great at that. First of all I know nothing about growing potatoes, bean, tomatoes, corn, etc. But we went for it anyway.

Not a huge success and by no means bumper crops but we got some strawberries, potatoes and tomatoes so not a complete loss. We learned from our mistakes (raised bed containers) and will work from seed next year in the ground instead of germinating and then planting. 

Can’t win them all in the first year. Next spring I’m on it.

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