Fodder….it’s what’s for dinner

I am certainly finding out there is so much to learn and every day it’s something new.

I recently learned of fodder. What is fodder you ask? Well it’s food for livestock and other critters. You can make it yourself in whatever size you need. We only have the chickens, ducks and rabbits that would eat it so we don’t have to make tons of it at once.

You can use many different kinds of seed (barley, wheat, alfalfa, etc) and you soak it for a couple of days.

Once that is done then you place it in trays. I have used a few different kinds looking for the perfect one for us. These larger ones are nice but they can be a bugger to A) get out of container or B) break it down for the small critters.

Just placed into container. I have learned that is too much seed at a time but live and learn right?

As you can see it is starting to sprout

Starting to take off a bit more

Once it is done growing (about two weeks) I can give it to the critters.

They love it.

I have since changed the size of the container and use the flats they put plants in for our fodder. It has drainage holes and it makes smaller sizes so you don’t have to tear it up to share it. Everyone can have some.

Think of it as fodder cupcakes instead of one big cake.