Finding the ducks kryptonite

Our ducks have had an on/off relationship with going into the coop at night. Just when we think they are on the ball, we go check on them and find them swiming around in the dark.

Did I mention they were jerks?

Well we have used rocks (not at the ducks just to splash in the pond to get them out), we used flashlights too which worked pretty well at herding them into the coop.

And then we found it. Their kryptonite. Laser pointers. Oh they sure don’t like the red laser light (again not shined at them but around them). They get out of the pond really quickly when herded with the pointer. Once out of the pond and little red light behind them and they are marching (ok not two by two) into the coop for the night.

Hallelujah we have won another round and bless the inventor of the laser pointer.