Dogs…..who doesn’t love them?

We have always been animal lovers. I grew up with dogs as did my husband. I hate to see any animal suffer in any way. Heck, I have been known to stop my car on a road, throw the hazard lights on get out to help a turtle across the road.

Since my husband and I have been married we lost the animals I came to the marriage with. A 21 year old cat named Peanut and a 15 year old lab mix named Nikita.

I lasted a few months after losing them (within a month of each other) before I found myself wandering through pet stores asking people if I could pet their dogs. This was when I knew I needed a new one.

I have always seemed to find dogs (always rescues never pet store purchases) that were house trained or old enough that they learned very quickly. 

We were hoping to continue this with an older dog but Lucy had other ideas so let the potty-training begin!

We went to the Humane Society and this little lady named Lucy caught our eye. Matter of fact as we filled out the paperwork she never took her eyes off of us. Even when someone stopped in front of her cage she moved her head to keep watch over what we were doing.

A quick call to our vet for opinion on us which they said was glowing. I believe she told them if they didn’t adopt to us they were crazy because we took amazing care of our animals.

Once that was done Lucy was our. Lucy, it just didn’t fit her. We originally wanted to adopt not only Lucy but her brother Ricky but they won’t adopt siblings to the same household. We were going to rename them Biskit and Gravy (my husband’s sense of humor)but Biskit stuck.

Now Biskit is a worrisome soul. We don’t know why but it is buried deep in her DNA. We believed her to be a Lab/Doberman. 

We have since had her DNA done and found out how wrong we were. She is German Shepherd, Pit Bull, Australian Cattle Dog, Chow, Mastiff, Cocker Spaniel, etc.

But then came Shady.

When Biskit was two we decided she needed someone to play with and I saw a post from the same Humane Society of a little boy dog who again caught my eye. I had to wait until Tuesday to see him but I was there when they opened. He was adorable and a bit shy but my husband gave the green light for the dog they called Midnight to come home with me and become Shady.

Now Shady walked in the door and Biskit found in him the friend she was looking for. They played and played and played. 

Again we were told Shady was a lab mix with a hound possibly a beagle. Well the DNA showed not just one hound but three!!!

Redbone Coonhound, Labrador, American Foxhound, Black and Tan Coonhound, Border Collie, German Shepherd and Doberman. How lucky for us 😉

Begin potty-training again!

Fast forward to our living in the country on Furever Home Farm and about 2 weeks after being here a neighbor boy came up the driveway. Now these boys are pests and we don’t know why they keep coming over but my husband went to deal with him. Soon he called me out and said “you need to see this”. I went out and wrapped up in the boys jacket was the cutest bundle of fur I had ever seen.

As soon as I picked him up he cuddled into my neck and my husband told the boy “we’ll take it from here”.  And Jasper came to live a life of luxury here on our farm.

The boy told us he got the puppy from someone in the area (and couldn’t keep it) but the puppy was Husky and Pit Bull mix. Very cool……..very wrong. 

DNA on Jasper showed something totally different: Australian Cattle Dog, Beagle, Siberian Huskey, Pit Bull, Collie, Boxer. 

It’s ok because we love the little stinker who was spoiled rotten in minutes.

Begin potty-training session #3!

Now we were happy with one dog, two is a handful. I have had 2 in the past and always thought it like traveling with toddler twins. But we had Biskt and Shady and all was right in the world. When Jasper showed up we agreed three was our limit and left it at that.

A couple weeks ago went for a drive with our three dogs and we ran into a man who did woodcarving with a chainsaw. We stopped and chatted with him for a bit and he noted our three dogs and said he had one he couldn’t keep and thought maybe we would take it. Obviously we love dogs right? My husband saw her first and told me to look. I said “if I look you know we will have four dogs”. He was aware of my soft heart and if we didn’t take the dog I would worry myself sick about her.

Enter Pepper! We have been told she is Blue Tick Coonhound and she certainly has the markings of one. But I’m taking no chances and the DNA test has already been done and we are waiting on the results.

I don’t think she ever ate from a bowl I believe she either was fed by the kids or food was thrown down for her. Probably more people food than dog food. It took a couple days before she would eat from a bowl. The vet approximated her age to be 8-10 weeks but she is happy and healthy and has won the hearts of everyone who sees her.

Begin potty-training session #4!!

My husband and I have made a solemn oath to each other.


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