Death (and murder) do not take a holiday

We had a bad couple of weeks here on the farm. My first rooster Speckles died of unknown causes. Personally I think he died of a broken heart if that is possible. I had moved him to the coopacabana so I could trim his spurs the next day. He had been away from his girls before so I thought it would be ok.

Well in the meantime I put Chip in the coop with the ladies becaues I didn’t want to have issues with 2 roosters in the coopacabana.

A couple of hours later when I went to check on Speckles he had his back to his girls and he was dead. Broke my heart.

He was a jerk, and he could be mean but he took his job very seriously and was good to his girls. May he rest in peace.

A couple of days later I went to the feed and put the ducks to bed only to find Drake (my only male) dead! What on earth happened?

Something had killed him and it was not a pretty sight. Whatever it was it looks like they got their head in and he defended his family with his life as his body was found right at the opening.I have lost a rooster, chick and duck all in one week. Thankfully Drake fathered a bunch of babies that will live on and hopefully a couple will be drakes as well.

Time for a trail camera.

After placing trail cam in the duck run I saw it was a raccoon that broke in, stole eggs and then killed ANOTHER duck. Unfortunately I saw it happen also on the trail cam .

I know this is a no kill farm but mess with my ducks, chickens, dogs, rabbits etc and you will face my wrath.

This coon has a very short lifespan he just doesn’t know it yet.

The coon got another duck the next night as we have been feverishly building a new quack shack. The ducks should be able to move in tomorrow.

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