Bunny Bungalow

The poor bunnies have been in hutches since we got them always intending to build something better. As always, life gets in the way and other things take priority and it gets put off and put off.

Well we put it off no more! Trouble is that with the world in the middle of a pandemic wood prices are horrendous. What to do, what to do? PVC! PVC is the new wood. Much cheaper (although others got on our bandwagon and the prices went much higher after we bought it).

It doesn’t look like much now but I have since leveled out (sort of) the dirt and planted timothy grass and clover. We are working on the doors, weather permitting, and soon, very soon the Bunny Bungalow will be open for business.

Now the kicker to this is when we got the rabbits we thought that all four of them were female. No, no they weren’t. We have one male (formerly named Bunny now named Bucky). We did the math on rabbit reproduction and one rabbit alone can have up to 100+ babies in a year!!! and we have 3 females! THAT’S a lot of bunnies. If we could be sure to sell them then maybe I would be ok with it but……females are territorial when they have babies and it could all go really bad, really fast. We did not start Furever Home Farm to breed needlessly or let any life suffer a horrible death.

That being said Bucky is getting the snip snip at the end of the week. It only made sense to do him vs. the ladies because I didn’t want Bucky to live his life in a bachelor pad. Rabbits are social creatures and need to be with each other.

So back to the bunglow. The doors are built but need wire and then attached. The grass and clover are already sprouting and a week or so after Bucky’s snip snip we should be able to get them all into their new digs.

They will love the running room, and with wire under the dirt they can’t dig out and nobody else can dig in. That’s a win/win. We are also going to make them little concrete shelters so stay tuned for that.

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