Bumblefoot…..it’s a bummer

Meet Nancy. She is a good chicken. Sweet disposition and good egg layer. Unfortunatly she was limping the other day and when I checked her feet she had bumblefoot.

What is bumblefoot? It’s basically like a blister on the bottom of a chicken or duck’s feet. Either they had a small cut or stepped on a rock, etc and then they walked in dirt and poo…..you get the picture.

So what can we do about it? Spa treatements. Foot soak twice a day in warm water with epsom salt. Dressing the feet with salve and wrapping them to help heal/dry up. It’s not fun for her or me but it has to be done.

As I said sweet disposition so she is a super good patient.

The warm water has to feel good

And when I lay her on her back to wrap her feet she almost falls asleep

One chill chick

This could take 2 weeks to a month to get rid of. Yikes. Until then she is living in a tub on the porch. The downside to this is she will lose her place in the pecking order (yes it’s a real thing) in the coop. But I have faith she will climb back up the ladder pretty quickly.