Baby chicks have issues sometimes

Only a week old and the poor peeper has had it rough. He hurt her leg. It is possible he came that way (maybe he hurt it in transit) he was the smallest and laid down a lot. I thought it was because he was a day or 2 behind the others. When I saw he couldn’t put any weight on it I took him under my wing (pun intended) and have tried everything I could think of or research.

I thought it was his foot so I made him a boot. Nope

I thought it was his Achilles tendon and tried to manipulate his little toothpick leg. Nope.

I thought it was his hock (elbow) so I wrapped it hoping to give him some support. I didn’t wrap it tight but now this popped up today.

Good thing we have an appointment at a vet tomorrow that takes chickens. Hoping for an answer one way or another good or bad. Fingers crossed for this little baby.

Sad news. The peeper died tonight (3/17/22). I know this is part of farm life but that doesn’t make me not care about each and every life at our little farm. Poor baby lived 9 days of pain but also it knew love.

He was our new Blue Copper Maran Rooster and will have to be replaced in a future batch.

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